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Best Funko Pop Bundles to Treat Yourself in 2022

Funko Pop Bundles

We all know Funko Pop toys are one of, if not the coolest toy/collectible for an adult.

Funko Pops are just so darn cute it is insane!!

I just want them all, every Funko Pop I see I want, therefore I have created this page, because if you’re like me and want every Funko Pop you see like some spoilt child, then at least get a cheap deal when buying Funko Pops.

The best way to get a good deal on Funko Pops is to buy them in a bundle!

There are deals everywhere whether you’re looking for a Harry Potter Funko Pop set, a Friends Funko Pop set, a movie Funko Pop set or your favorite bands Funko Pop set. Everything is out there.

If you have heard of them, they more than likely have Funko Pop!

Best Funko Pop bundles that are cheap.

If you just want cheap Funko Pop deals to get started, you can go for the Mystery Box Funko Pop Bundle.


If you are not after a specific Funko Pop and just want to get started today, I believe the Mystery Box Funko Pop bundle is your best bet.

You will receive 6 random Funko Pops with no duplicates.

These are your best bets looking for a cheap Funko Pop bundles, just be aware you will end up with 6 random Funko Pops.

Horror Movie Funko Pop Bundles


If you are a horror movie buff, then what better than this scary but cute horror movie Funko Pop bundle?

This horror movie Funko bundle would look great around the house, and even better in a man cave!

The Funko Pop bundle includes the absolute classics like Chucky, Jason, Michael Myers, Pennywise & Freddy!

What more could you possibly want from a horror movie Funko Pop bundle set?

Friends Funko Pop Bundle


What Funko Pop Bundle list would be complete without Friends?

Who doesn’t like Friends?

One of if not the greatest TV show of all time!

It was so hilarious and is to this day!

And what better way to celebrate your love of Friends than this amazing set of 6 Funko Pop Bundle of all the characters – Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey & Chandler.

The perfect gift for a Friends fan.

WWE Funko Pop Bundles

Are you an old school WWF/WWE wrestling fan?

Well, the nostalgia is about to flow because Funko Pop has some fantastic old school WWE wrestling Funko Pop Sets.

Look at some of these:

NWO Funko Pop Bundle

Yes, I know NWO was originally WCW, but this is not about. This is looking at the coolest Funko Pop bundles for old school wrestling fans.


And let’s be honest… the NWO were cool ass ****, and they changed wrestling.

If NWO wasn’t your thing in wrestling, then how about this classic…

The Rock and Mankind WWF Funko Pop Set


How cool is this WWE Funko Pop set?

Ahhh, it brings back some great memories.

2 of the best wrestling characters of all time in this awesome Funko Pop bundle.

And no wrestling list would be complete without the great Hulk Hogan!

Hulk Hogan & Mr. T Funko Pop Bundle


Most of us probably can’t remember the first WrestleMania back in 1985, but we’ve all seen it!

It helped build what wrestling is today, so this iconic Funko Pop wrestling bundle cannot be missed by any old school wrestling fan.

I mean, it’s Hulk Hogan and Mr.T… This is the ultimate classic wrestling bundle!

All that wrestling talk has bought back some serious nostalgia, but for people who didn’t like or watch wrestling, how about this set to take you down your nostalgia road?

Mcdonalds Ad Icons Funko Pop Bundle.


We’re living in an ad world, and also a Mcdonalds world, and these ad icons in their commercials helped promote Mcdonalds to what it is today.

I can remember going to Mcdonalds as a kid and seeing these characters brings back great memories of parties!

I especially was a fan of the Hamburglar, who is obviously a part of this set.

Great to display around the house and a great conversation starter that will soon have you all reminiscing.

Now moving on to Funko Pop music bundles and arguably the greatest band of all time…

The Beatles Funko Pop Collectible Set.


This is not a cheap Funko Pop bundle set because it is rare and collectible and it is of The Beatles, a band that people love collecting merchandise of… especially rare merchandise.

The Fab 4 Funko set comprises John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr & you also get a bonus Funko Pop in Blue Meanie from the Yellow Submarine cartoon.

From one of the greatest band of all time, to one of the greatest movie franchises of all time…

Harry Potter Funko Pop Bundle


In this Harry Potter Funko Pop bundle you get the 3 main characters with Harry Potter, Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger all available in the set.

This is a fantastic bundle for any Harry Potter fan and should be displayed proudly in your house.

I mean, who doesn’t love Harry Potter?

My Hero Academia Funko Pop Bundle


A fantastic Funko Pop bundle of 9 characters from My Hero Academia!

With this amazing Funko Pop bundle, you will build your Funko Pop collection in no time!

Purchasing this My Hero Academia set is much cheaper than purchasing Funko Pops on their own, so if you love the manga series or no somebody who does, you can’t go wrong with this My Hero Academia Funko bundle.

And from one Japanese Cartoon to another…

Pokemon Funko Pop Bundle


Pokemon took the world by storm in the 90s and is still very popular today.

In this Funko Pop bundle of Pokemon characters you get Pikachu, Charizard, Horsea & Charmander.

I can still remember being about 10 years old and packing a Charizard card.

It was like all my Christmas’ had come at once. I wish I knew where that card was today because it would be worth a fair amount of money.

And if none of these Funko Pop bundles float your metaphorical boat, then why not have one made of yourself, a friend or a loved on.


Can you think of a better gift?

Head over to Etsy to purchase a custom Funko Pop!

Don’t forget to check eBay for some of the best Funko Pop Bundles here.

And now let’s finally move on to one last Funko Pop items…

Best Funko Pop T-Shirt Bundles

Batman Funko Pop & Tshirt Bundle


Fortnite Funko Pop & Tshirt Bundle


DC Joker Funko Pop & Tshirt Bundle


Alien the movie Funko Pop & Tshirt Bundle


Jaws Funko Pop & Tshirt Bundle


Fred Flinstone Funko Pop & Tshirt Bundle


What do you think deserves to be on my list of the best Funko Pop Bundles?
Let me know.

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