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The Ultimate William Shakespeare Quiz

William Shakespeare Quiz

Yes, today we are taking on a William Shakespeare quiz…

An absolute legend when it comes to modern-day playwriting.

Maybe the best and most influential ever.

But everybody knows that…

What I really want to know is how well do you really know William Shakespeare?

There is only one way to find out.

Let’s play the William Shakespear quiz now!

  • Question of

    What year was Romeo and Juliet first performed?

    • 1577
    • 1597
    • 1617
  • Question of

    Shakespeare was born in April 1564, but do you know what day in April?

    • 5th
    • 17th
    • 26th
  • Question of

    How many plays are credited to Shakespeare?

    • 28
    • 38
    • 48
  • Question of

    How old was Shakespeare when he married Anne Hathaway?

    • 18
    • 21
    • 24
  • Question of

    Shakespeare and his wife had a set of twins…do you know their names?

    • Hamnet and Judith.
    • Paschal and Paschaline
    • Romeo and Juliet
  • Question of

    ‘(Shakespeare) is not of an age, but for all time.‘ Who wrote this as an introduction to the First Folio?

    • Ben Johnson
    • Bruce Wayne
    • Anne Hathaway
  • Question of

    Who noted that Shakespeare was a ‘Jack of all trades’ – a second-rate tinkerer with the work of others?

    • Robert Greene
    • Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    • Victor Hugo
  • Question of

    Hamlet was based on a well known Scandinavian legend. Do you know the name of this legend?

    • Amleth
    • Mare
    • Troll
  • Question of

    Shakespeare’s work ‘All’s well that Ends Well’, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ can be classified as what?

    • Comedies
    • Romance
    • Tragedies
  • Question of

    ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Hamlet’, and ‘Othello’ can be classified as what kind of play?

    • Comedies
    • Romance
    • Tragedies

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