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The Ultimate Spice Girls Quiz

Spice Girls Quiz
Spice Girls Quiz

Yes, today it is time to spice up your life as we take on a Spice Girls quiz!

One of the greatest pop bands the world will ever see, they took the 90’s by storm…

But how much do you really know about the girls?

Time to find out as we take on the ultimate Spice Girls quiz!


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  • Question of

    Spice Girls debut single hit number 1, what was the single?

    • Mama
    • Say You’ll Be There
    • Wannabe
  • Question of

    Spice Girls have the best selling album by a girl group in history, what is the name of the album?

    • Forever
    • Spice
    • Spiceworld
  • Question of

    Spice World the movie came out in what year?

    • 1996
    • 1997
    • 1998
  • Question of

    Who is the oldest of the Spice Girls?

    • Geri Halliwell
    • Mel B
    • Mel C
  • Question of

    The Spice Girls reunited in what year?

    • 2005
    • 2007
    • 2009
  • Question of

    What year did Geri Halliwell first leave the group?

    • 1996
    • 1998
    • 2000
  • Question of

    Which Spice Girl was not an original member?

    • Emma Bunton
    • Mel C
    • Victoria Beckham
  • Question of

    What was the name of their first Worldwide tour?

    • The Spice Tour
    • Spice up Your Life
    • The Spiceworld Tour
  • Question of

    It was revealed years after they had split up that they would sometimes turn off whose mic while performing live?

    • Baby Spice
    • Posh Spice
    • Sporty Spice
  • Question of

    ‘Wannabe’ hit number 1 in how many countries

    • 11
    • 21
    • 31

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