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The Ultimate Frozen Quiz

Frozen Quiz

Yes, today we have got a quiz on the fabulous Disney movies Frozen.

I can’t believe we have this many quizzes on Quizzingg but do not have a Frozen quiz!

Shame on me!

Anyway, let’s not waste any more time and get straight into the quiz.

  • How did the king of Arendelle find the trolls when Anna needed their help?

    • A Compass
    • A Map
    • A Prism
  • Elsa has a cute kid sister…what is her name?

    • Anna
    • Mary
    • Pabbie
  • Elsie lived in what town?

    • Arendelle
    • Arindrill
    • Ravendell
  • What is the name of the apparent leader of the trolls who thawed Anna’s frozen head?

    • Grand Pabbie
    • Grossvater
    • Tomie
  • The movie “Frozen” is actually an adaption of a fairy tale written by the prolific Hans Christian Andersen. Do you know the name of the fairy tale?

    • “The Little Mermaid”
    • “The Snow Queen”
    • “Thumbelina”
  • Frozen was the first Disney feature to be directed and written by a woman. Do you know the name of this “first lady”?

    • Jennifer Fin
    • Jennifer Kim
    • Jennifer Lee
  • Prince Hans of the Southern Isles had a horse just like every prince would have. Do you know the name of his horse?

    • Crawford
    • Jackson
    • Sitron
  • The character of Kristoff was influenced by the Sami people…do you know where you can find them?

    • Ireland
    • Northern Norway
    • Wales
  • Based on Kristoff’s recommendations the trolls are experts in what field?

    • Fear
    • Love
    • Magic
  • What does Kristoff sell for a living?

    • Carrots
    • Ice
    • Sledge

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