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Sons of Anarchy Quiz

Sons of Anarchy Quiz
Sons of Anarchy Quiz
Yes, today we are taking on a Sons of Anarchy quiz, in my opinion, an underrated show!

It is right up there with some of the best tv shows!

Wow, just creating this quiz makes me realize how great Sons of Anarchy was… I really miss Jax in my life!

But enough reminiscing about this fantastic show, how much do you actually remember?

It’s time to find out as we play the best Sons of Anarchy quiz on the internet!

And if you get over 80% right you would have no problem becoming a member of SAMCRO.

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  • Which fictional town in California was the show based?

    • Charming
    • Fort Irwin
    • Starvation Lake
  • Who replaced Jax Teller as leader of SAMCRO?

    • Chibs
    • Juice
    • Otto
  • Which character killed the most people during the show?

    • Happy
    • Jax
    • Tig
  • What does SAMCRO stand for?

    • Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Route One
    • Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club River Ooze
    • Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals
  • What is the name of founding member and Jax Tellers dad?

    • Jake Teller
    • John Teller
    • Penn Teller
  • Which bike did Jax Teller and many other members of SAMCRO use?

    • Harley-Davidson Dyna
    • Harley-Davidson Road Glide
    • Harley-Davidson Road King
  • Which member of SAMCRO died in prison?

    • Happy
    • Opie
    • Bobby
  • What was Tara’s job?

    • Doctor
    • Housewife
    • Waitress
  • Who killed Pinie?

    • Clay
    • Jax
    • Juice
  • Who is the Chief of Police in Charming?

    • David Hale
    • June Stahl
    • Wayne Unser

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