Post Malone Quiz For His Biggest Fans

Post Malone Quiz

Post Malone has taken the world by storm in the last few years but how well do you really know him?

If you think you’re a big fan of Post Malone then it’s time to take this ultimate Post Malone quiz and see if you are as much of as a fan as you think.

No more messing around let’s get right into it.


Ultimate Eminem quiz.

  • What is Post Malone’s real name?

    • Austin Malone
    • Austin Richard
    • Austin Richie
  • How did Post Malone learn to play the guitar?

    • His Grandad taught him
    • His Cousin taught him.
    • He was self taught via YouTube
  • Which of these Post Malone facts is WRONG?

    • He’s five feet tall.
    • He started as a wedding DJ.
    • He was almost a professional metal guitarist.
  • Which of these Post Malone facts is CORRECT?

    • He has never received any music award or nomination
    • The only tattoos he has are on his face
    • He’s afraid of flying
  • Which of these companies has a sponsorhip deal with Post Malone?

    • Adidas
    • Bud Light
    • Coca Cola
  • Why is Post Malone nicknamed “Postmates Malone.”?

    • Post Malone is Postmates’ biggest customer. He is said to have spent $40,000 in a year!
    • He loves the Post Office.
    • He got the name from a video game.
  • What is the name of Post Malone’s debut album?

    • Stoke City
    • Stoney
    • Stovy
  • Post Malone was part of a musical group while in Los Angeles. What was the name of this group?

    • 5 Aside
    • The Iron men.
  • At what age did Post Malone start recording and releasing music?

    • 8
    • 13
    • 16
  • Post Malone’s debut album spent 77 weeks on the Billboard’s Top R&B and Hip-Hop Albums. Whose record was broken during this time?

    • Adele
    • Micheal Jackson
    • The Beatles

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