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Movie Quotes Quiz – Test Your Movie Knowledge!

Movie Quotes Quiz

Yes, today we are here to take a quiz on movie quotes?

How well do you know the classic lines from the movies?

Well, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and take this movie quiz.

All you have to do is complete the quote.

May the force be with you.

  • Question of

    (The Godfather) “I’m gonna make him an offer…

    Movie Quotes Quiz 1
    • he can’t refuse
    • he won’t know what to do
    • and then he dies
  • Question of

    (Jerry Maguire) “Show me…

    Movie Quotes Quiz 2
    • the gold
    • ladies
    • the money
  • Question of

    (Jaws) “You’re gonna need a bigger…

    • shark
    • boat
    • ship
  • Question of

    (Gladiator) Are you not…

    Movie Quotes Quiz 4
    • feeling alive?
    • entertained?
    • crazy?
  • Question of

    (Meet the Parents) “I have … Greg. Could you milk me?”

    • a cow
    • a wife
    • nipples
  • Question of

    (Shrek) “Ogres are like…

    Movie Quotes Quiz 6
    • onions
    • potatoes
    • pirates
  • Question of

    (Scarface) “Say hello to my little…

    • lady
    • lever
    • friend
  • Question of

    (Apocalypse Now) “I love the smell of … in the morning

    Movie Quotes Quiz 8
    • gunfire
    • napalm
    • war
  • Question of

    (A Few Good Men) “You can’t handle the

    Movie Quotes Quiz 9
    • truth
    • facts
    • case
  • Question of

    (Sudden Impact) “Go ahead, make my…

    Movie Quotes Quiz 10
    • day
    • bed
    • drink

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