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Justin Bieber Quiz for Super Fans in 2020

Justin Bieber Quiz

Yes, today it is time for a Justin Bieber quiz!

Justin Bieber has been around for some time now and has evolved as he has aged and is a fantastic singer and entertainer.

Justin Bieber may have tens of millions of fans but how many of you are superfans?

More importantly how many can get 80% on this Justin Bieber quiz?

You may have taken Justin Bieber quizzes before but you haven’t taken a Quizzingg Justin Bieber quiz, have you?

Designer for only true fans.

Good luck and belieb in yourself.

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  • Question of

    Where was Justin Bieber born?

    • Toronto, Canada
    • London, Canada
    • Ontario, Canada
  • Question of

    What is Justin Bieber’s DOB?

    • March 1, 1994
    • May 1, 1994
    • September 1, 1994
  • Question of

    What is Justin Biebers favorite Michael Jackson song?

    • Billie Jean
    • Smooth Criminal
    • Man in the Mirror
  • Question of

    What was the name of the Christmas album Justin released back in 2011?

    • Christmas Eve
    • Under the Mistletoe
    • Classic Christmas
  • Question of

    How many tattoos does Justin have?

    Justin Bieber Quiz
    • About 15
    • About 40
    • Over 60
  • Question of

    Where did Justin propose to Hailey?

    • Jamaica
    • Brazil
    • Barbados
  • Question of

    What is Justin Bieber’s middle name?

    Justin Bieber Quiz
    • Bobby
    • Brad
    • Drew
  • Question of

    Justin Bieber’s first No.1 single on the Billboard 100 was?

    • Baby
    • Boyfriend
    • What do you mean?
  • Question of

    Who wrote the No.1 hit “Love Yourself” with Justin?

    Justin Bieber Quiz
    • Ed Sheeran
    • Harry Styles
    • Usher
  • Question of

    What was the name of Justin Bieber’s very first album?

    • Believe
    • My World
    • Never Say Never

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