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High School Musical Quiz

High School Musical Quiz

Ahhhh it’s been 14 long years since the amazing High School Musical first hit our screens and took our breath away.

But enough with the reminiscing…

Today we are here to find out how much you actually remember about the High School Musical movie franchise?

It’s time to find out in this High School Musical quiz!

  • The movie “High School Musical” is said to be the modern adaptiation of which of William Shakespeare’s book?

    • Macbeth
    • Romeo and Juliet
    • The Tempest
  • Who starred as Troy Bolton in the movie?

    • Brad Pitt
    • Will Smith
    • Zac Efron
  • Who was the “Ice Princess”?

    • Gabriella Montez
    • Sharpay Evans
    • Taylor McKessie
  • Sharpay had a twin brother. What was his name?

    • Ryan Evans
    • Ryan Giggs
    • Edgar Davids
  • Who played the piano when Troy and Gabriella sang “What I’ve Been Looking For”?

    • Kelsi Nielsen
    • Taylor McKessie
    • Sharpay Evans
  • Who is Ms. Darbus?

    • Drama Teacher
    • Maths Teacher
    • Music Teacher
  • What song did Sharpay and Ryan perform as their callback song?

    • “Breaking Free”
    • “Bop to the Top”
    • “What I’ve Been Looking For (Reprise)”
  • Who amongst these pairs eventually got the lead roles?

    • Gabriella and Ryan
    • Gabriella and Troy
    • Sharpay and Ryan
  • Suprises are part of life. Who was shocked that Troy had auditioned?

    • Gabriella Montez
    • Chad Danforth
    • The Wildcats basketball team
  • What was Troy and Gabriella’s call back song?

    • “Breaking Free”
    • “Bop to the Top”
    • “We’re All In This Together”

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