Classic British Pub Quiz 2020

British Pub Quiz

Today we are taking on a classic British Pub Quiz

Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough…or clever enough.

Warning – This is a tester.

Make sure you’ve got your thinking cap on and more than likely you will learn something.

The classic British pub quiz should be anyone’s diet so bang it in yours today.

Don’t be scared of looking dumb!

  • Question of

    What planet did Superman come from?

    • Mogo
    • Krypton
    • Warworld
  • Question of

    Who won the first ever soccer World Cup?

    • England
    • Brazil
    • Uruguay
  • Question of

    How many bones are in the human body?

    • 158
    • 206
    • 312
  • Question of

    Who painted this?

    • Rembrandt
    • Pablo Picasso
    • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Question of

    What percentage of people are left handed?

    • 10%
    • 20%
    • 30%
  • Question of

    What is New Year’s Eve called in Scotland?

    • Burns Supper
    • Hogmanay
    • St. Andrew’s Day
  • Question of

    Which Ocean Surrounds The Maldives?

    • Atlantic Ocean
    • Pacific Ocean
    • Indian Ocean
  • Question of

    The Titanic was built in which Irish city?

    • Belfast
    • Dublin
    • Cork
  • Question of

    Which is the world’s largest land mammal?

    • Hippo
    • Rhino
    • Elephant
  • Question of

    What was the final battle Napoleon fought in?

    • Battle of Waterloo
    • Battle of Leipzig
    • Battle of Borodino

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