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Awesome Zac Efron Quiz!

Zac Efron Quiz

Zac Efron Quiz

Yes, today it is time to take a quiz on the absolute beefcake that is Zac Efron.

Zac Efron has been around for a while now but it is hard to get bored of looking at him…

But how well do you actually know him?

Time to find out as we play this awesome Zac Efron quiz!

Good luck!

  • Question of

    Efron” means “lark” — a type of bird — in Hebrew. What is Zacs full name?

    • Zachary David Alexander Efron
    • Zachary Stev Alexander Efron
    • David Efron
  • Question of

    Zac Efron played which character in the movie “High School Musical”?

    • Tim Bolton
    • Troy Bolton
    • Jerry Bolton
  • Question of

    Efron’s first acting gigs were on shows such as Firefly, ER, and The Guardian. Do you know how old he was when he started acting?

    • 9
    • 11
    • 13
  • Question of

    Zac starred in the movie “The Greatest Showman”…do you know the year the movie was released?

    • 2016
    • 2017
    • 2018
  • Question of

    “The World Is Changing, And I Refuse To Be A Part Of Yours.” Zac said this…but in which of these movies?

    • 17 Again
    • Baywatch
    • The Greatest Showman
  • Question of

    Which of these is a Zac Efron’s movie?

    • “Jumaji”
    • “Moana”
    • “We Are Your Friends”
  • Question of

    Efron starred as what character on the movie “17 Again”?

    • Mike O’Donnell
    • Mark Gold
    • Ned Gold
  • Question of

    What year was Zac Efron born?

    • 1987
    • 1989
    • 1991
  • Question of

    Which of these is NOT a Zac Efron movie?

    • “Baywatch”
    • “Bounty Hunter”
    • “Parkland”
  • Question of

    How tall is Zac Efron?

    • 5’6″
    • 5’9″
    • 6’0″

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