Ariana Grande Quiz for Superfans!

Come and take the best Ariana Grande quiz you are likely to take in 2020. Test yourself on Ariana Grande and prove you are a real superfan. You may talk the talk but really… How well do you actually know Ariana Grande? It’s time to find out.

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    What is Ariana Grande’s birth name?

    • Ariana Grande-Butera
    • Ariana Grande-Gootyar
    • Ariana Sierra-Butera
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    What was Ariana Grande’s character called in the Nickelodeon show “Victorious”?

    • Tori Vega
    • Cat Valentine
    • Beck Oliver
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    What was Ariana Grande’s debut album titled?

    • Dangerous Woman
    • My Everything
    • Yours Truly
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    Which state was Ariana Grande born?

    • Florida
    • New York
    • Philadelphia
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    Which one below is an Ariana Grande perfume?

    • Ari
    • Pink
    • Royal
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    What was the name of Ariana Grande’s first tour?

    • The Listening Sessions
    • Dangerous Woman
    • Yours Truly
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    What was Ariana Grande’s first concert?

    • Lady Gaga
    • Madonna
    • Katy Perry
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    What are Ariana Grande fans called?

    • Aris
    • Grandes
    • Arianators
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    What year was Ariana Grande born?

    • 1992
    • 1993
    • 1994
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    Is Ariana Grande a vegan?

    • Yes
    • No

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